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"Fight for the things you care about in a way that would lead others to join you" - Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Dear audience,

Creating this website was for the intention of creating change and awareness around topics of disparity. There is great power in creating a "ripple" through our voice to encourage equality and empowerment, as the ripples we make touch others who become empowered and create ripples of their own - resulting in endless change and a true impact on the greater community.

The Sections within the Ripple Post all pertain to disparities and how we are able to reduce them. Especially focusing on the gender and healthcare disparities, and how that can be tackled on a wide scale through education and entrepreneurship. As well as general pieces on women's rights, accessibility to health, income inequality and much more. 

Articles are written by our writers to share perspective and opinion, spread awareness, amplify voices and bring attention to the issue. Databases are written by our researchers to summarize relevant sources which makes it easier for people to read and understand an objective point-of-view quickly. Poetry is our main art form of expression surrounding disparities. Editors help to ensure the works are easily understandable and hold an appropriate stance. While translators ensure that many people from different countries are able to submit, share their thoughts and read others' work from all over the world regardless of language barriers.